Smart LED TV Backlight
Smart LED TV Backlight
Smart LED TV Backlight
Smart LED TV Backlight

Smart LED TV Backlight

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Luxuriate Your Experience with Synchronized Screen Colors and Smart Compatibility

Your entertainment enhanced.

Smart Lights are cutting-edge technology. A dynamic color light strip that brings your viewing experience to life like never before.

"A true game-changer in ambient lighting technology."

The Power of Synchronized Colors: Blending visuals and technological innovation as the new version dynamic color LED strip syncs seamlessly with the side colors of your screen in real time. This backlighting creates a captivating color light show that elevates every viewing.

Unmatched Compatibility: We understand the importance of versatility. That's why our backlight is engineered to sync flawlessly with HDMI-compatible systems. It's not just an accessory; it's an enhancement that seamlessly integrates into your setup.

Best Practice for Usage:

  1. Seamlessly connecting any HDMI-compatible device to your TV, the Sync Box acts as a powerful bridge, supporting 4k@60hz.
  2. From gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation to streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google TV Chromecast 4K.
  3. For best use, switch your TV to the corresponding external HDMI device signal when using the product.

Elevate your entertainment setup with the ColorXperience Backlight. It's not just ambient lighting; it's a journey into a world of synchronized colors, advanced technologies, and immersive experiences. Transform your viewing moments today.